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Basic Terms and Ways to Play Poker Online

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Poker game is a popular game and is very well known throughout the world. Because, poker is often referred to and is often shown in films of any genre. To play poker is also not too easy or difficult. Because, in this game tactics are needed to play. Especially now, poker games can be played online by connecting the internet to a computer, laptop or smartphone. Today there are also many players who choose to play online poker compared to land poker which is played directly through the Casino building.

Before playing poker, players must first know the basic terms contained in poker games that are played online. Actually, the terms that are owned by online poker are not much different from land poker.

Glossary of Online Poker Games

  • Lobby: the lobby or hall is a place where players can choose the room to be played later.
  • Check: this term is where players will check bets on the table.
  • Call: call is the term for following bets on the table
  • Call Any: the term 'call any' is a term for a player who can place or follow any bet value on the table before playing.
  • Fold: the term fold is defined as not following the game round.
  • All in: risking all chips owned by the player.
  • Raise: increase the value of the bet desired by the player.

In addition to the terms that exist in online poker games, players also need to know the types of cards and how they are arranged in poker games. There are 10 cards for playing cards, namely:

Royal Flush
A royal flush card is the highest type of card available in poker. To get this type of card, players must have 10, J, Q, K and As cards in the same suit.

Straight Flush
Types of straight flush cards are the highest cards that are ranked number 2 with sequential arrangement of cards and the same picture. For example 6,7,8,9 and 10 with love images.

Four of Kind
Four of kind is a type of card that has the same 4 numbers, such as 8, 8, 8, 8 and 3. By having 4 cards with the same number, the card will be called a four of kind card.

Full House
Full house type cards are cards with three of kind and one pair guides. If the opponent has the same card, i.e. full house. Then to determine the winner is to calculate the large numbers obtained on the three of kind card.

Three of Kind
In a three of kind card, players must have the same 3 card numbers on all 5 poker cards. This three of kind card can defeat a card with two pairs.

Two pair
A two pair card is a card that has 2 pairs of cards with the same number, for example 3, 3, 8, 8 and 1 random card. This type of card can still beat one pair cards.

One pair
One pair is a type of card that is similar to two pair cards, it's just that one pair cards only require a pair of cards compared to two pairs that require 2 pairs of the same card.

High card
This card is a card that is not included in the cards as above which have the same card or the same picture. Because this card will only be counted from the total number obtained and added only.

Basic Steps to Play Poker

Playing poker through online is no different than playing land poker. Because the only difference is the place to play it, because to play poker online requires an internet network. Unlike the case with poker games that are played directly through the Casino building, where players can immediately see their opponents.

After the player knows the terms in poker, the next step is to know the basics in playing poker. Poker games are games that cannot be played as long as they play tactics to play them. For playing tactics required is also not complicated.

Before starting to sit playing, you should first read how to play the opponent. Because by knowing how to play your opponent, of course when betting will later find it easier to defeat your opponents at the turn of the game.

Strategy is needed when playing poker gambling, it is necessary because in playing poker the player needs to arrange his cards in order to get the highest card value.

In addition to playing tactics, players also need patience when they are losing or getting a small card when playing online poker gambling. Because the key to being able to get victory is patience. Moreover, the basic steps to play this game really need a way – like the one in the discussion above.

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