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Difference in Game of Chicken Betting, SV338 and S128

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The Latest Cockfighting Website – In the following fighting chicken article, let's get to know about the game of cockfighting betting. Cockfighting is an activity that prepares two fighting chickens to be stirred at a prepared place. The fighting chicken game is a competition of fighting cocks that has spurs on the legs of a fighting chicken. Game cock fighting can already be played online with live streaming from a smartphone. At this time of the game S128 cockfighting indeed it has become a special interest in communities throughout the country.

Types of Game Chicken Fights Online

Chicken Fighting s128

This is the beginning of the game cockfighting online which is currently popular in Indonesia, in collaboration with Bandar Sabung Chicken. S128 started the game with only a few arenas, with its initial name being S1288 which later changed to S128.

Cockfighting sv338

Seeing the success of S128 Cockfights, sv338 Cockfights were made which were packaged in a similar but different game. Similar is the type of game that is still the same, Chicken Match or Chicken Fight. Different because the place / arena that aired live is different from S128 which makes fans Chicken Gambling can have more chance to play and possibly win. Like S128 Cockfighting, Sv338 Cockfight also has its own Sv338 Cockfighting Android Application that can be learned and downloaded from the Sv338 Android Cockfighting article.

Fierce Chicken Fighting – In the cockfighting game the S128 cockfighters only choose one of the two chickens in the competition or in a joint fight, the decision of one of the chickens must win by hitting an opponent until he cannot fight or with another chicken in a state of death. In the S128 and SV338 Cockfighting Game there are 4 betting button options:

  • Meron: Choosing a Red Part Fighting Chicken
  • Wala: Choosing the Blue Chicken Part
  • BDD (both death draw): Both Fighting Chickens die before time runs out
  • FTD (Full time draw): Both Fighting Chickens do not win because the game time is up

S128 Registration Agent – So many cockfighting articles that a fighting chicken agent can give to cockfighting bettor. play with the best online cockfighting agents today. Player Online gambling will benefit from joining us. For registration of fighting chickens is very easy, Bettor cockfighting SV338 can directly click the live chat box below, our S128 customer service will always be ready to serve you honored cockfighting bettor. Hopefully the S128 and S338 cockfighting articles will be useful and thank you for reading.

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