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Get closer to the types of online soccer betting

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Online Soccer Betting

In general, online soccer betting has known many people, but they do not necessarily know the contents inside. The contents in question are the rules of the game and the type of bet. There are some bettor who already feel that they know everything and by not thinking long enough to bet and eventually fail. The risk is also direct with the funds that will run out and there are no results. Surely you will feel loss if there is a position like that happening to us? that's why we want to help you so that you don't take the wrong step in gambling.

Getting closer to betting types is the right step. The benefit is being able to bet freely according to the odds that are easily available. So it does not depend on 1 type of bet only. If some of those who read this still don't understand, they should immediately learn from now. It's not too late in this era. We will explain 1 by 1 type of betting referred to below.

The Most Complete Type of Online Soccer Betting

Online Soccer Betting

A number of types of online soccer betting will be disclosed all in accordance with the facts and never change any words. These are all useful for you to be able to play betting casually. Get straight to the point:

  • Handicap (HT)

This bet uses the voran system of the team that is seeded against the team below the level. For example like this:

Liverpool vs Chelsea bet Rp 100,000

Liverpool -0.25 = Betting selected

Chelsea 0.25 If the score is 1 – 0 then we win full Rp. 100,000.

– If the score is even then we will lose Rp.25,000. –

– So, for voran is very influential in betting and has been calculated by the site so that we can be hesitant in choosing the team bet that we will choose.

  • over / under or up / down (O / U)

For this case, betting is counting the number of goals from
the two teams compete and the market is made by the site. For example like

Liverpool (2) vc Chelsea (1) = Total of 3 goals

Over 2.50 = Betting selected

Under 2.50

– If you take a bet above 2.50 then it is considered a winner because the total goal above is 3.

  • Odd / Even or Even

If this bet counts the total number of goals and sees the total value of the number is odd or even. Examples like this follows:

Liverpool (2) vc Chelsea (1) = Total number of goals is 3 and is odd.

  • Total goal (TG)

From the name, everyone must understand the meaning of this bet, which is counting the total number of goals. But usually this bet is provided if only major leagues, such as world cup, euro cup, champions league and others. The point is prestigious competition.

  • Home x way bets (1 × 2)

On this bet just guess who wins
match until the end of 1 × 2 round between the host or guest.

  • Fall time & full time (FT / HT) bets

This is a bet that guesses the winner of the first round and second round. So the two rounds have different bets, so your choice must be correct to win this bet.

  • Guess the score

What does this need to be asked about? It is definitely his duty to guess the score between the two teams competing and the payout also doubles if it wins.

  • Mix parlay bet

This bet is famous for the extraordinary pay
the selection of a minimum of 3 teams and multiplication of fees depends on the market
listed on the site.

  • Outright

This type of betting is rarely known, so what is meant in this gamble is that we guess the champions in the competition. There are also guess players score tops and others depending on the availability of the site.

Thus the article about the types of online soccer betting that we explain in full. Hopefully useful and goodluck.

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